julie mcadam

Julie has been involved in gymnastics since the age of 6 in Women’s Artistic and then Sports Acrobatics. A coach since the age of 15, Julie trained until she was 18. Julie was persuaded back into coaching by Sarah in 2006 after taking a break from the sport and they share the same dream to keep the club growing and improving in competitive gymnastics.

Julie says, ‘I have enjoyed seeing the club move from Lenzie Academy into Kirkintilloch Leisure Centre and look forward to the continuing growth and development.’

Julie holds the following qualifications in:

WA Level 3

Club coach general gymnastics

Club coach pre-school gymnastics

Trampolining Coach

Club Coach Sports Acro

Disabilities Add on Module


sarah logan

Sarah has been involved with the club since she was six years old as a gymnast and then as a coach from the age of fourteen.

After enjoying the sport so much as a participant and now as a coach, Sarah is dedicated to driving the club forward and increasing the opportunities available for children in the local community.

Sarah holds the following coaching/judging qualifications:

WA Level 3 Technical Modules

WA Level 2

General Club Coach

Pre-school Assistant Coach

Trampoline Coach

Disabilities Coach

 Sarah is also a WA Regional Judge.


emma kerr

Emma was a member of Lenzie GC back when they trained in the boys and girls gym of Lenzie Academy. She moved into coaching in her 6th year of school and has never looked back!

Emma says, ‘I Love being part of the club and am so proud of how we have worked together to establish the club into what it is today.’

Emma is a WA Level 2 Coach.


rebecca kerr

Rebecca has been involved with Lenzie Woodhead Gymnastics since 2007. She first became involved whilst studying dance at college and was brought in to help choreograph routines. Rebecca enjoyed this so much that she decided she would like to coach more than one evening a week and went on her Level 1 Women’s Artistic Coaching course. She also holds coaching qualifications in disability gymnastics and recently achieved her Level 2 WA qualification. Rebecca says, “It is a pleasure to coach alongside the other coaches and work closely with the girls who attend. I enjoy watching my group achieve success at competitions and like keeping them motivated to reach their fullest potential during training sessions.”


 mairi fletcher

Mairi has been a member of LWGC since the days of training at Lenzie Academy and continues to perform in the Senior Display squad. Mairi coaches the Monday recreational squad along with the Sunday recreational squad.

Mairi holds a WA Level 1 qualification.


amy mclean

Amy started with the club as a gymnast and now coaches as well as performing in the Senior Display squad. Amy coaches the Monday recreational squad along with the Sunday recreational squad.

Amy holds a WA Level 1 qualification.