Julie McAdam

Julie has been involved in gymnastics since the age of 6 in Women’s Artistic and then Sports Acrobatics. A coach since the age of 15, Julie trained until she was 18.

Julie holds the following qualifications in:  WA Level 3, Club coach general gymnastics,  Trampolining Coach, Club coach pre-school gymnastics, Club Coach Sports Acro and Disabilities Add on Module.

Emma Kerr

I went to the club when I was at school and then when I was in 6th year I got involved with the coaching side and have been coaching for the club ever since…16 years later I am responsible for coaching a mixture of regional and national grades and level 5 and 4. I am a women’s artistic level 2 coach.

Emma says, ‘I Love being part of the club and am so proud of how we have worked together to establish the club into what it is today.’

Rebecca Scouller

I attended the club when I went to school and was invited back in 2008 to help choreograph routines. Ten years on and I have a great group who are working at level 5, 4 and regional grades. Gymnastics is a huge part of my life and I really enjoy seeing my group improve and gain new skills.

Rebecca holds coaching qualifications in disability gymnastics and has achieved her Level 2 WA qualification.

Mercy Abel

Mercy has been with LWGC since December 2016.  Currently a UKCC level 2 women’s gymnastics coach for a 4-piece competitive WA squad.
Mercy says ” I Previously trained in acrobatic gymnastics and then transitioned into artistic gymnastics before I began coaching.”

Harry Prescott

Level 1 general gymnastics

Harry is a Physical Education teacher and gymnastics forms an integral part of the curriculum.  Harry says “I first started out coaching to upskill my knowledge to improve my teaching for my pupils. I started off assisting with various groups, which I enjoyed so much I decided to undertake my Level 1 coaching course in order to be able to deliver my own coaching sessions to the gymnasts. Starting out with assisting various groups, I have moved onto coaching the Sunday rec boys and, more recently, coaching both floor and vault and competitive tumble squads. I am still thoroughly enjoying my coaching and look forward to continuing with my personal development in the future.”

Rebecca Mitchell

I’ve enjoyed gymnastics from a young age and joined Lenzie Woodhead in 2012 and became part of the Display Squad. Once I was old enough I took my level 1 coaching course and passed it in September 2018. I am really enjoying being a coach and helping gymnasts develop.

Hannah Little

Hannah is a level 2 women’s artistic coach and coaches a competitive group. She trained in the club from the age of 6 and then moved into coaching.
Hannah says, “I love coaching as it’s so great to see gymnasts developing their skills, and having fun!”

Evie Pender

Rebecca Boyle  

Abigail Cribbes

Laura Burchell

Elise Hendry

Erin Lundi

Helena Dobbs

Jade Anderson

Michelle Reilly

Lorna Pender